About us

My name is Johan Nylander, and I am married to Inger Nylander. We live on the countryside just north of Härnösand. The coast between Härnösand and Önsköldsvik is called "The High Coast" and is a world heritage area, and a very beautiful part of Sweden.

Our house is an old farming estate, and was built 1875. Today there is no farming activity.

We have four children, and so far eight grandchildren.

I have always had a marine interest, and was grown up close to the sea. It was easy for me to choose what to do for a living. I got a carrier in the Merchant navy. In the end of 1988 I got the opportunity to be closer to my family as I got a job as captain in a ferry that belongs to the Swedish Road Administration.

I am also very interested in cars. Since childhood I have had a dream to have a special car, and in august 2006 I bought a -94 Chevrolet Camaro Z28. In my mind the Camaro is the car of cars. I am also a member of the Swedish Club for these cars, Camaroclubsweden.

Another thing in our life is passion for cats and dogs. Please visit our site www.beardrex.se for more information.


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